Friday, March 9, 2012

"Sugar is Sweet, but not, as Sweet, as you"

Just about every health publication out there will tell you how bad sugar is for your body.  I certainly agree that there are types of sugar that are horrible for your health. But we must remember that cane sugar is a natural plant belonging to the grass family.  This natural sugar is something that can be part of a healthy diet.  I should mention that even cane sugar undergoes some processing that turns its color snow white.  If possible one should consume sugar in the raw.  You may have seen this type offered at Starbucks in small packets to be used with coffee.  This type typically comes from Hawaii and other tropical locations.  

What types of sugar should we avoid?

High Fructose Corn Syrup is a synthetic substance that is used in place of real sugar in processed foods.  HFCS is made from corn that has been chemically altered into a syrup.  This syrup is much cheaper for manufacturers because of its synthetic nature and unlike real sugar it doesn't have to be sourced from the environment.  HFCS is responsible for a whole host of horrible health effects from diabetes to obesity.  This type of sweetener should be avoided at all costs. 

So can we eat all the cane sugar we want?

As with anything you must use moderation.  You can however integrate real sugar into your diet at small amounts.  The best way to keep your sugar intake in check is to find balance in your daily meals.  If you have a tea with real sugar then don't also eat a bunch of pastry at the same time.  Keep in mind that even cane sugar undergoes processing so if you can find the raw variety at Whole Foods you will be better off.  I don't advocate drinking soda but for those of you who might want an occasional coke, try to find the Mexican kind that comes in glass bottles.  This coke contains real sugar because unlike America, the Mexican market won't support HFCS in their drinks.  

Now go out and treat yourself to a little ice cream, from a local homemade store of course. 

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