Thursday, March 15, 2012

Paleo Diet

This is for you experienced dieters and health nuts.  The Paleo Diet consists of eating completely natural foods that occur in the environment before agriculture began changing our eating habits.  Meats, Fish, Nuts, Spinach, berries etc. make up this diet.  I frequently use this diet as a good way to purify my system from time to time.  It is a sustainable diet that you can stay on forever.  I have clients who have gluten allergies, diabetes, heart disease etc. and this is the diet I prescribe for them because it contains no sugars or grains.  The Paleo diet is also great for athletes because it contains a lot of lean protein.

Attached is a link for a great cookbook that contains easy Paleo recipes.  All my clients who are prescribed the Paleo diet own and love this book.  Check out the web page to learn more. 

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