Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Don't Get With The Program

It seems as if everyone is on some type of crazy program these days.  The grapefruit diet, peanut butter diet, the liquid diet, and so many more.  Do these diets work?  Yes, for a day or two at most.  Whether you want to lose a massive amount of weight or just tone up a bit, the principles to get you there are the same.  Do you really want to be on a restrictive diet with a giant list of "forbidden" foods?  Well you don't have to be so keep reading.  

There are two main reasons for obesity in the industrialized world, especially America, lack of adequate exercise and consumption of processed foods.  Yes, at a very basic level the amount of calories consumed and burned are responsible for weight gain and loss, but there is much more to it.  Processed and "convenience" foods contain synthetic chemicals to preserve their shelve life and provide a flavor to an otherwise pretty poorly prepared food.  When you consume these chemicals/foods your body doesn't like these preservatives so it tries to eliminate them as quickly as possible.  This puts your system under stress and prevents your metabolism from maintaining a healthy pace.  These foods contain a large number of empty calories so your body doesn't feel full and you keep eating and as a result you gain weight.  

In this blog we will talk about a way to consume food without counting calories and cutting carbs and/or fat.  The first step is to stop eating processed foods.  This means no fast food, frozen dinners, twinkles, chips, etc.  You must also eliminate sugary foods for now but we will discuss those later and you will be able to consume them with moderation.  I don't want you to worry about calories right now.  Eat as much as you want for now provided it's natural and not processed.  I'm talking about chicken, fruit, vegetables, meats, etc.  Next time we will get more specific regarding your diet and I will explain to you how to enjoy food while being healthy.  
For now just get used to eating natural foods and we will turn it up a notch soon. 

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