Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Scared of Fat?

Are you afraid to eat fats?  Many people believe that if you eat fat you will become fat.  This is simply not true.  Often times these people will avoid fat which means that they must consume more carbs and/or protein to meet their basic caloric needs.  This is bad because too many carbs will cause your insulin to rise.  Fat slows digestion and allows your body the time to absorb all the wonderful nutrients in your meal.  Furthermore, without fat your body can't absorb certain fat-soluble vitamins.  This is a huge problem because then you will run the risk of becoming deficient and developing health problems.  Don't be afraid of fat, enjoy the wonderful flavors it adds to your meals. 

So what types of fat should you consume?  Olive Oil has long been used in certain European countries because it has profound benefits for your body.  Use olive oil as a substitute for butter on your vegetables and throughout your food preparation process.  Omega fatty acids are also another great fat to consume because they support the brain.  You can find this type of fat in salmon, tuna, bass and many other types of fish.  

There are some types of fat that you should ignore.  These include saturated fat and trans fat.  Saturated fat is mostly found in meats and trans fat is a synthetic fat found in baked goods and fried foods.  Trans fat is extremely toxic to your body and you should avoid it.  

So eat up my friends and don't be afraid to consume healthy fats.  These will help satiate you, keeping you from feeling hungry and deprived while trying to diet. 

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