Saturday, March 10, 2012

Meet your Meat

I have clients who ask me all the time about whether or not meat is healthy.  I always tell them the same thing.  As long as you are buying meat that hasn't been treated with antibiotics and other hormones then you can definitely enjoy the wonderful benefits of meat in your diet.  We must be wary of these large packing plants because of the way they treat the animals.  Often times the cattle will be fed grains which, are not natural to a cow.  They are supposed to be fed grass for optimal health.  So the grains make them sick and then to combat illness the packers give them antibiotics and steroids.  These chemicals are transferred to us when we consume these animals and are largely responsible for sickness and disease.  

It doesn't matter where you purchase your meat products as long as assurance of humane practices can be provided.  I personally like whole foods.  They have a great selection of meat products and can be trusted when it comes to food safety.  You should try to consume the leanest meat possible to avoid large amounts of saturated fat.  The best way to prepare meat is by grilling or broiling, this burns off most of the fat so you can have a nice piece of lean protein.  

Now I must get back to the kitchen to prepare a nice filet. 

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